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Green Revolution? It’s a team effort.

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Greenlist is a Slack tool that empowers companies to start a sustainable office lifestyle while driving change in a way that feels natural. With both a fun and inspiring approach, Greenlist turns cutting down on plastic into a friendly in-company competition that celebrates individuals for their efforts.

The idea started while working at Marvel where several of our colleagues decided they wanted to reduce the amount of office waste we generated on a daily basis. The first thing we did was replacing toilet paper with an eco friendly version, use refillable hand soap dispensers, discourage use of single use bags and encourage reusing tupperwares for take away lunches. We noticed that it was hard to get everyone on board with those changes and that’s when me and my partner decided to start an experiment see if we could get more collegaues on board in a fun way and engaging way.

Greenlist website

After a two months of intensive weekends Greenlist was born. The backend was totally built on Swift’s server side framework Vapor and our website was built in React using styled-components and styled-system.

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Greenlist posts every day a poll in your Slack channel of choice to ask people what action they have taken during the day to reduce waste. When they vote enough on certain questions after a few days they will receive a cute badge to thank them for their effort. Every day a ranking board is posted too to see how colleagues rank against each other.

When we trialed it inside Marvel we experienced an overwhelming support and engagement to start making a difference and while not everyone can go all the way everyday, even the smallest effort will contribute to the bigger effort to protect our planet.

Despite everything being live and working we delayed the official launch due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We feel that priorities are more focused on the pandemic right now then on global warming and think a launch right now would miss out on a lot of engagement, even though our plant keeps on getting hotter.

Written on 23th August 2020