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Keep track of your office games in Slack

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Leaderboard is Slack bot that allows you to track office games. This could be ping pong, football table, mario kart or any other game. Each time you report your result an algorithm ranks you against your other colleagues.

The idea started while working at Marvel where we often played a game of ping pong or Mario Kart just after lunch. To make it even more competitive we wanted something to track those games, so I decided to hack something together.

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After a few weeks Leaderboard was born. The backend was totally built on Swift’s server side framework Vapor. I picked this because I had a great experience with it while building TinyFaces.

After a while trialing it at Marvel I decided to open it up to everyone. I’ve made a tweet about it and within weeks I had hundreds of teams using it.

While this was exciting it came with the downside that it was putting strain on my server and so I had to decide to make it a paid app to offset those costs.

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Leaderboard has been one of my favourite side projects because it’s the first project that started generating me a good amount of additional money every month. It’s MRR also keeps growing which makes this all even more excited.

Written on 21th August 2019